Please read our FAQ before contacting us by email

How can I find your watches in stores ?

Casuarina is a young brand, and we would like to offer our watches online.
We try to avoid middle-men as much as possible so we can offer you the best possible price.

Do you want to sell our products ?

If you want to sell our products, fill out the form below to let us know what type of partnership you are considering.
We will get back to you soon.

What payment methods are accepted ?

You can order online through our website and pay using your debit card or directly using online payment methods like Stripe.

In any case we guarantee that your transactions are secure.

How much time does delivery take ?

Our shipping partners act quickly to deliver our watches as soon as possible.
Have some patience! 🙂
But we are committed to our watches being delivered within 7 business days following the confirmation of your payment for metropolitan France.

What is the warranty on watches ?

We warranty all of our models for one year from the date of purchase.

The warranty covers the functioning of the watch, namely its mechanism.

Drops, scratches, and other cosmetic damage are not warrantied.

How do I adjust the strap to my size ?

You can remove one or more links from your Casuarina watch using the tool supplied in the box.
To do this, just place the strap and the link in the tool and tighten it using the tool in order to push out the pin holding the link in place.
If you encounter the slightest difficulty, we recommend you go to the nearest watchmaker.


Headquarters Address :
GAMI SAS – Casuarina

20200 Bastia (Corse)