Photo de Florent CAS


For me, watches are a passion and a family tradition: I inherited an old stopwatch from my grandfather and I have been collecting them ever since!

This project is the culmination of my passion for time-pieces.


Photo d'Aurélien SUPOT


I have always had wristwatches! Originally from the Alps, I am very outdoorsy and for me our watches had to be eco-friendly! I had the idea of combining wood and steel and I am proud of the partnership we have created with the NGO, Graine de Vie.


In 2017, when returning from a trip to the United States, Florent Cas shared his discovery with Aurélien Supot: watches made totally out of wood!

Convinced of the originality of those watches and watchmaking enthusiasts, they spent several months designing their first models.

After several trial versions, they became convinced that their models should combine the nobility of wood and the resilience of steel: and the Javelot was born.

Financed with their own funds, Javelot is available in three models. It’s presented in a lovely box, with a tool for removing any extra links if necessary. The Casuarina project is under way!

Eager to find a balance between what Casuaraina produces and redistributes, the two founders developed a lasting partnershop with the association, Graine de Vie for reforestation in Madagascar. For each watch purchased, four trees are planted.

Our collection

Quality and ethics

Casuarina models are the result of talent and know-how.

Designed in the South of France by its founders, produced in Asia by our quality-oriented supplier, our watches help contribute to reforestation and improving the quality of life for the people of Madagascar.

Just like the strength symbolized by the specificity of Casuarina wood helps to maintain the sand dunes in Africa, you can be proud to wear our models which with your help will make Casuarina a long, and lasting eco-adventure!

Thanks for your support.