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How does it work ?

1. Creating your Ambassador account

You fill out the form below, we will review your application and send you an Ambassador agreement.
This agreement will contain a unique promo code assigned to you and which will enable your audience to receive a 15% discount on all our models.

2. Diffusion with your audience

Promote our models on the various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) or directly with your friends and family.
Your audience will receive a 15% discount continuously on our models using the unique promo code that we give you.

3. Purchases by your audience at our online shop

Following your promotion/canvassing, your audience is able to go to our website and order our watches at a 15% discount using your unique promo code.
You don’t worry about anything, we will handle shipping and order follow-up.


4. Monthly payment

At the end of each month, thanks to your unique promo code, we are able to know how many watches were sold. That way, we will pay you €30 per watch sold.

How do you become an ambassador ?

An ambassador must be an adult and have a valid bank account (you will be asked for an IBAN number so we can make the monthly payments).

In addition, an agreement will be entered into between the Ambassador and the Casuarina team. This agreement will define the terms of the partnership and must be signed by both parties.